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Do you have a T-Scan or JVA or EMG? Maybe you have received some training. Have you successfully figured out how to work it into your practice? These are critical tools for comprehensive diagnosis, treatment planning, and case finishing. I have been working with T-Scan for more than 25 years and JVA and EMG for more than 15. I have lectured and conducted workshops, nationally and internationally, for more than 20. Currently, I work with dentists to help them integrate these technologies into everyday practice.

JVA, EMG and T-Scan aren't just for DTR. You should these technologies with every patient. Comprehensive diagnosis. Get the bite right and provide a better service for your patients. Prosthetic cases, implants, after orthodontics, TMD, and more.

I am available to come work with you, in your office, with your patients, over the shoulder. I also am available for Zoom consults with your patient in the chair. I can help you use your technology investment to create a profit center. If you are interested in learning how generate revenue and get better treatment outcomes, please feel free to contact me for more information. I would be happy to speak with you or send you an outline of my experience.


Many people in this country suffer from headaches. They tend to occur in patterns, like a band around the head, behind the eyes, in the sinuses, at the back of the neck or in the temples and sides of the head, and have different names, like cluster or tension or migraines. Dentists who use the technology discussed in different parts of this web page have found that if teeth are not aligned properly, the way the teeth come together when biting or grinding (measured with the T-Scan) can cause muscle tension (measured with EMG) and headaches. By balancing the bite by measuring with T-Scan and EMG, the muscles relax and headaches usually reduce or disappear. There are some jaw alignment issues that may complicate some cases, but most of the time, people report that they either no longer take medication or significantly less often. Although this treatment has been successful on most people who fit the diagnostic criteria, the most frequent demographic are women, frequently with a history of orthodontics or trauma.


Dear Colleague- If you own a t-scan, your skills and efficiency will be greatly enhanced by training with Dr. Scott Green. I have done online t-scan training as well as hired Dr. Green for in-office training. He is personable, and kind with patients, he encourages the patient, you, and your team. Dr. Green has deep knowledge of TMD and Joint analysis. His training is some of the most implementable and valuable CE I have done. I am grateful to have his insight and experience to help advance my diagnostic and treatment skills. - EM DDS MS Periodontist


Dentists:  Our industry has embraced the digital workflow.  I can help you use digital technology for better diagnosis and outcomes.  MRI. CBCT. JVA. T-Scan. EMG. Helping you figure out how this all fits into your style of practice and become a profit center. Individual classes in your office. I am also available to come speak about Digital Occlusion to your Study Club or Dental Association. Contact to schedule.

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23 Jan

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Dr. Scott R. Green, DMD
Scott R. Green, DMD

Dr. Scott Green received a DMD degree from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine and an MS in Microbiology from Montana State University.  He has been in private practice general dentistry in Montana for more than 30 years.  Much of Dr. Green’s practice has been traditional general dentistry and he has seen patients of all ages.   Dr. Green works with the latest technology from diagnosis through the end of treatment, including lasers, digital imaging, digital caries detection, CAD CAM design and measurement technology  to identify underlying problems, determine treatment end-points, and help patients get comfortable with their new dentistry.  Dr. Green’s primary area of focus has been  treating and teaching modern diagnosis and treatment for TMD, headaches, bite problems, jaw pains and Obstructive Sleep Apnea.  Dr. Green uses a number of different technologies and alternative medicine products to make accurate diagnosis and guide treatment, providing quality modern dental care and measured outcomes.  Dr. has been working with dentists to integrate new technology, lecturing and conducting workshops in digital occlusion and comprehensive diagnosis for dentists around the world.


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