0bstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a breathing condition that affects most American adults, men and women over age 60, but we frequently see sufferers in their 20s and 30s! Up to 1 out of 3 people over age 70. The biggest concern with OSA is that you may stop breathing in your sleep and die, or be too tired to be safe in your work or while driving, and harm yourself or other people. Diagnosis of OSA is by a sleep study – the Home Sleep Test is the standard screening tool since OSA is the most common sleep disorder, but there are many different sleep disorders that only a sleep center study can discover . Treatment for moderate to severe OSA is a CPAP – a small compressor that blows air into your lungs as you sleep. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends a dental treatment for mild to moderate OSA, and for people who cannot tolerate their CPAP. As you would expect, many people are unsuccessful at getting used to a CPAP. If you, or your spouse, snores or stops breathing, it can increase your risk of stroke, heart attack, diabetes or fatality. We also suggest home sleep screening for people with hypertension, diabetes, a pacemaker, or are overweight to see if OSA is a partial cause of their condition. Are you concerned? Maybe we can help.

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