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Filling Materials

Dentists have been searching for the best filling material for hundreds of years.  In the mid-1800s, dentists started using a mixture of silver, tin, mercury and other metals.  They called it amalgam, meaning a mixture of metals.  The material was soft when mixed together, but then got hard over time.  Amalgam allowed the dentist to …

Latest News On Oral Cancer

The understanding of what causes cancer has changed.  We know that some cancers are genetic, while others are caused by exposure to radiation or certain chemicals.  In the last few years, we have learned that some viruses attack normal cells to turn them into cancer cells.  Until recently, the  most common types of oral cancer …

Headaches from Chewing Gum

A study reported in the December 2013 issue of Pediatric Neurology looked at chewing gum as a cause of migraine headaches in teenagers.  Thirty teens who chewed gum and suffered from migraines or tension headaches were asked to stop chewing gum for one month.  26 reported significant improvement.  19 had complete headache resolution.  According to …


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