Headaches from Chewing Gum

A study reported in the December 2013 issue of Pediatric Neurology looked at chewing gum as a cause of migraine headaches in teenagers.  Thirty teens who chewed gum and suffered from migraines or tension headaches were asked to stop chewing gum for one month.  26 reported significant improvement.  19 had complete headache resolution.  According to the researcher, “20 of the improved patients … started chewing gum again and all reported an immediate relapse of symptoms.”  Teens (and others) who chew gum and get migraines or tension headaches may be able to reduce their headaches by just stopping chewing gum.  This report supports the work that we do with patients who get migraines or tension headaches. Do you suffer from headaches?  It may be your teeth!  Ask us!!


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