After Dental Treatment – Getting Your Bite Right

I have been doing a lot of  bite corrections lately.  Most of the time, it is to help people with their TMD and headaches, but frequently people come in to see me complaining that their bite does not feel right.   Sometimes, I am doing bite corrections on natural teeth due to spacing or crowding, but most of the time, it is after orthodontics or after dental care.  Frequently, the teeth causing the problem have existing fillings or crowns that are contributing to the problem.  We also see a lot of people for large complex or aesthetic treatment that is finished with final bite corrections, to find a comfortable place to put their teeth together and help their facial muscles relax.  Signs of bite problems include:  tooth temperature sensitivity, tooth pressure sensitivity, feelings that your bite is not right, hard to find the right place where your teeth mesh properly, gum recession, jaw gets tired easily, facial/neck/back muscle tension, or headaches.   We usually do diagnosis at the first visit, including assessing whether the damage is just on the teeth or extended to the supporting structures.    We need recent x-rays to assess fillings and dental materials.  If the issues are simple, we usually treat them at the first visit.   Sometimes, a second visit is scheduled to assess the outcome and to touch up if needed.    More complex problems or problems that include any TMJ issues take multiple visits to treat and are not treated at the first diagnostic consultation visit.

If your bite does not feel right, if you have crowns that feel like they are in the way, if you have temperature sensitivity, if you want to see if it is your bite, please let me know at your next visit or call the office for a consultation at 406-730-1010.


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